"Live Tattoo" Colloaborative Seminar
This seminar will cover a vast array of techniques when approaching both a colour realism tattoo and black and grey portrait tattoo. This seminar will take place in 2 parts and feature a "live tattooing".
The legendary Bob Tyrrell, best known for his black and grey portraits, will speak about the process and techniques involved when tattooing a realistic portrait. He will also discuss capturing details and different textures, along with covering some of the most common challenges of tattooing such a piece.
Remis, known for his hyper realistic works, will talk about the fundamental aspects that create the foundation of a colour realism piece. He will also cover the way in which he approaches applying details and textures within the piece. Together they will cover the complete tattoo process, with a detailed explanation from idea conception to finished product.

Watch, interact and learn whilst these two world class artists produce a collaborative tattoo with stunning results.

Priorities - Design Theory for Visual Artists of all levels 
Seeing something beautiful is a feeling before it is a thought. The visual brain determines what we look at before we can think about it.
which is exploitable by visual artists. 

I have been tattooing for 12 years and consider myself deeply rooted and specialized in abstract designs. In it’s nature, abstract art does not depict any specific, easily understood subject matter and for that reason has to use all kinds of tricks to get just as much attention as imagery of easily recognizable subjects like flowers, faces, letters, etc. In solving this problem, I have found a narrative to explain a variety of visual tricks that help me to capture attention and reward it every step of the way until a strong impression is made.

In this seminar I will explain the ways in which our brains tell us where to look and what to remember before our personal taste kicks in. These triggers, once understood will not only guide you to successful, effortless and confident looking compositions, but will also render the world around you with greater depth and clarity. It’s a great way to find a unique and personal handwriting within the graphic language of visual art. It’s a tool to find your personal style.

This Seminar is geared specifically to the tattooing medium but is applicable across the board of visual art and design.

It is not a seminar about biomech or abstract art or requires a deep understanding in these subjects.